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    Jan 14, 2014


Caedere is an experimental "pop up text adventure". Through a series of bite sized tests, Caedere guides you through an interesting and surreal world of puzzles and adventure.
Testing and guiding you toward a sinister truth about you, a turtle, and the trinity of self.

Every day, dependant of when you start your adventure A popup will appear in the 13th hour and the 17th hour of each day. Presenting you with part of your adventure. You can ether cancel till the next day or pause for one hour.

Developed entirely on Android for Android using Tasker
Made entirely on a mobile device, from start to finish, even the publishing to the Play store.
I created and published Caedere on my phone as an experiment to prove that everyone has the tools they need in their pocket to make games. 

Because Caedere is a bit of an experiment, I'm keeping it free.
If you like it, and want to support me please have a look at ZXPlectrum.
Relive the loading sounds of the classic ZX Spectrum as a musical instrument!