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Pebble Notifier

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Please note that this application is no longer maintained by the developer due to problems with the company who makes Pebble. As of this writing things still work with android versions before L but please don't contact me for any support as your e-mails will go without a response as I no longer have a functioning Pebble and thus can't properly test any bugfixes. This is an application that lets you send all notifications to your Pebble smartwatch. You can exclude certain applications or exclude all save a few.
For basic troubleshooting steps (like if you can't get notifications to send), please visit:

This is also bridge between the Pebble application and Tasker. It will let you send notifications of your making to your Pebble. Simply fill out the title and body of the message you want sent to your Pebble and off you go!

Get the source code and contribute at:

Please note I am not affiliated with Pebble or Tasker, but am a huge fan of both products!