Road of Kings

Road of Kings

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    Apr 11, 2014


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"Exploring Road of Kings is strangely addictive and fascinating." - "Road of Kings has a great strategy game aesthetic from its hex-map on down to its hand-drawn character art." -

"Road of Kings walks a satisfying line in difficulty, demanding experience to win and ensuring decent replay value." -

An adventure game where no two journeys are the same! Become the barbarian king! Adventure across a dangerous land where your decisions can, and will, change your fate. Earn your birthright by defeating dangerous foes, forging alliances, and discovering hidden treasures! Inspired by early fantasy board games and RPGs, Road of Kings allows you to experience hours of adventuring on your favorite device.

* Huge open world to explore
* Dozens of unique characters to interact with
* Dynamic world changes based on your choices
* Hundreds of events to challenge your claim of king
* Each adventure is easy to pick up and put down
* No two adventures the same!