VideoMeeting+ Better Meetings

VideoMeeting+ Better Meetings

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    May 30, 2016


Add freedom and flexibility to your video meeting by turning your phone into a second video camera! This free video chat app, designed for Skype and Hangouts, will enable you to display visuals like whiteboards and demonstrations more effectively, and give video conference participants up-close views of documents and other materials. You can also combine both mobile and computer feeds with our Dual Video feature. Requires desktop companion app, downloadable for free at
Show products, whiteboards, and more by adding a mobile camera feed to your video-chat.
Augment web meetings by sharing your computer desktop.
Send a better view of whiteboards and screens with our freeze frame and skew correction features.

VideoMeeting+ can be integrated with Skype and Hangouts with a few clicks and runs automatically.
Mobile camera feed integrated instantly and seamlessly with a simple QR code scan.
Recording, annotations, enhancements and other web conferencing features are accessible with a single click.

Add visual enhancements to clarify and improve your image.
Annotate content in real time to highlight important points.
Record meeting content for later review.