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CyanDelta Updater Reviews

  • Über-Productivity


    Reviewed in Über-Productivity

    Downloads only the files you need to keep your cyanogen mod nightlies current. Keep your SD card clean and uncluttered. B-) ;-) :-) O:-)

  • Nick Saunders

    Nick Saunders

    Reviewed in Apptastic Fantastic!

    If you like to keep up to date with Cyanogenmod, this app makes it a whole lot easier. Converts the huge 200mb updates in to a tiny lil 10mb. Basically magic.

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Feb 8th 2014

    Paraless: most CyanogenMod users probably know what this is, but I actually spent over 6 months using Cyanogen and downloading the newest nightly to my computer from the website day after day, not knowing Cyandelta existed. This app allows you to just download the latest changes, so it's ~10MB instead of ~170MB.


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Tired of download 200 MB everyday to get your latest CM nightly?
CyanDelta lets you update your OmniROM or CyanogenMod ROM by downloading just a small delta file (about 10 MB) instead of a big full zip file each time. With CyanDelta you can finally update your ROM in just some minutes even with a slow and expensive 2G or 3G connection!
CyanDelta is the perfect replacement of “CM Updater”, “ROM Manager” and “BBQLog”. When a ROM update is available it will notify you and show the changelog between the version you have installed and the new one. If you decide to update, it will delta-download the new version and if you want it will automatically install the new zips via recovery. Main features:
✓ Security: all downloaded data is digitally signed by us to prevent manomissions.
✓ Recovery zip install: it can automatically reboot to recovery, install the ROM zip and other additional zips (kernel, modem...), wipe dalvik cache and reboot (requires root).
✓ Changelog: if you have a NIGHTLY build, when an update is available, CyanDelta will show you the list of changes between the ROM version you have installed and the new one.
✓ Update notification: when a ROM update is available, CyanDelta will notify you.
✓ High efficiency deltas: it uses the RFC3284 VCDIFF algorithm and some magic to produce really small deltas.
✓ Supports TWRP and CWM-based recovery, but NOT the closed-source ClockworkMod (the name is similar to CWM-based, but it’s a different thing!), since it's locked down by its author to only work with ROM Manager. If you have an unsupported recovery you can just manually install the zips generated by CyanDelta.
✓ Supports all official CyanogenMod ROMs and devices listed in

For other infos please visit the FAQ section of our website.

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