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TimePIN Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    TimePIN lets you set the current time as your lockscreen PIN; never again worry about people guessing your PIN from those greasy fingerprints. You could also make the PIN more complex by mirroring, doubling, or reversing the time. Extra modifiers are available via an in-app purchase.

  • Staz


    Reviewed in Weekly Top Apps

    This application simply allow you to set a lock pin on your phone. Yeah I know you can set pin lock without this app, but this make it a lot more cool and secure, actually it allows you to set a pin lock where the pin change constantly, once you enables it the pin that will unlock your phone will be the date or the time, you can reverse it, let say it's 16h12 your pin will be 1612, if you've enable reverse then it will be 1216. You get the idea so definitely go check it out for yourself.

  • Nicolas Epinette
  • Florian


    Reviewed in Good apps and games (weekly update)

    No one will know your phone password now thanks to this app ! One you must have on your device.

  • elegantthinking


    Reviewed in Cool Innovative Apps and Games

    This app changes your password every minute to the current time, comes with other options

  • Simon John

    Simon John

    Reviewed in What's on my phone march edition

    amazin shit to lock your phone Brah from pedos and shit

  • Pranav Ganapathiraju

    Pranav Ganapathiraju

    Reviewed in Surveillance Self-Defense... and Stuff

    Lock your Device [Pb / Ftc]: The app can set & periodically change your device locking PIN to a number corresponding to the currently time displayed. Your PIN can be different from one minute to the next, literally. [I'm sot sure how this works if Android's Drive Encryption is enabled, though.]

  • Den


    Reviewed in Useful apps

    Sets your LockScreen pin to whatever the current time is. Can be edited a bit with settings, but basically provides a constantly changing pin that your friends won't be able to guess or remember :p

  • PSarge


    Reviewed in Security/Privacy

    Your lockscreen is useless if someone knows your code to get passed it. With TimePin that code is different every minute based upon the current time. Does that sound too simple? Well that's why the app has "modifiers" to change the code, reverse, mirror and double do pretty much as they describe. The best one however, offset, allows more customization to make your pin look less like the time, that one is only available in the paid version of the app.

  • MartiniGM


    Reviewed in Mostly lesser known but awesome apps!

    I hate entering my phones security code in a crowded place for obvious reasons. With TimePIN your phone can have a new pin code every minute of the day based on the time. The time can be plain, mirrored and so on and the paid version allows you to enter a modifier for increased security.


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Find an unknown bug? Email me for a FREE premium license (only previously unknown bugs) and a fix: jcase@cunninglogic.com *Now with One Time Passcode support for your Pebble Smartwatch*)

TimePIN is a security and ease of use enhancing application. TimePIN sets your lockscreen PIN code to the current time or date resulting in an ever changing PIN that can not be shoulder surfed or repeated due to fingerprints on the screen. Modifiers allow you to morph the PIN, to further enhance security.

The persistent notification is a fix for the START_STICKY bug in recent versions of Android, this notification fixes the bug causing users to have to enter their pin twice. It will be removed as soon as a better solution is available. Use ghost mode to hide it.

On your first boot, you will have to enter the default PIN to unlock the device. This is not a bug, but a failsafe in the event that you forget your modifiers. It is documented here AND on the default PIN settings activity. Please stop reporting it as a bug, it isn't one and it won't be going away. It is for your safety.

12hour and 24hour clocks are both supported.


(If no modifier is applied, and the time is 9:12, your PIN will be 0912)
Reverse - reverses the PIN. If the time is 11:24, your PIN will be 4211
Mirror - mirrors the PIN. If the time is 8:34, your PIN will be 08344380
Double - Doubles the PIN. If the time is 12:34, your PIN will be 12341234
Offset - Applies a user chosen offset to the PIN. If the time is 10:43, and your offset is -121, your PIN will be 0922.

The reverse, mirror and double modifiers are free, and no purchase is needed to use the application. The offset modifier and DatePIN features are available for purchase for $1.99, for all, for life.

For all non lockscreen purposes, and the first unlock after turning a device on, a user selected default PIN is used.

Please remember, if you get "locked out" (which shouldn't happen), reboot your device. Your first unlock will be your default PIN!

*TimePIN is not currently recommended for encrypted devices, please do not attempt use on encrypted devices. This feature will come in a future update.

Future features:
Additional modifiers
Support for encrypted devices*
Support for alphanumerical passwords
Support for pattern password*

*Starred future features may require root access

Permissions used:

Starting TimePIN at boot:

In-App Purchasing:

License retrieval, and failure reporting:

Disabling lockscreen:

Smartwatch Support:

Timepasscode, PIN code, OTP, Lockscreen, smartwatch, pebble, burritos.

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