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Looking for what to watch, rent, read, play or buy for your kids? Get instant access to over 20,000 trustworthy ratings and reviews from Common Sense Media, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping you make the best media decisions for your kids. Our extensive database of movie, DVD, TV show, book, music, app, and game reviews are now at your fingertips. Key features:

• Discover current and classic movies, books, TV shows, apps, and games that are right for your kids

• Browse hundreds of Android apps rated for learning

• Search over 20,000 helpful reviews and create personalized profiles based on your kids' ages

• Check out age ratings and important content details like violence, sex, language, and positive role models

• Browse Top Picks from our editors for kids of every age and stage

• Watch video reviews of top movie releases

• Save reviews as favorites or share with friends on Facebook or Twitter

• Available for online or offline browsing

• Check reviews before purchasing or watching with voice-activated search and barcode scan

Brought to you by Common Sense Media, an independent not-for-profit organization committed to helping families manage media and technology in life and learning.

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