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PLEASE NOTE: We have updated our Privacy Policy as of April 21, 2016. Common Sense Media helps your family make smart media choices! We offer the most comprehensive and trusted library of learning ratings, age suggestions, and content reviews for movies, games, apps, TV shows, websites, and books.

Download the Common Sense Media app to put the power of our entire library of 20,000 ratings and reviews in your hands, and find the best media options for your children.

Create profiles for your kids to personalize your search, and discover fun learning apps, recommended movies, and inspiring books to help your child thrive!

Plus, get movie showtimes and download products directly from Google Play and Amazon right from our review.

Key features:

• Read detailed reviews give parents critical content info, including amount of violence, sex, bad language, positive role models, and much more.

• Want a second opinion? See reviews and ratings from parents and kids right from the app.

• Learning ratings provide detailed advice on the educational value of apps, games, and websites.

• "Apps for Learning" highlights the best Android apps for learning--and lets you download those apps right from the review.

• "My Kids" feature allows parents to create profiles for each of their kids to personalize their search for age-appropriate movies, games, apps, TV shows, websites, and books.

• “Top Picks” are hand-picked lists from our editors to help parents discover the very best media for kids.

• "Families Can Talk About” feature gives parents conversation starters to talk to their kids about what they are watching, playing, and reading.

• “Get Showtimes” allows you to search for movies in theaters near you without leaving the app.

• “See it in Google Play” lets you easily download media in Google Play directly from reviews.

• Watch video reviews of top movie releases.

• Save reviews as favorites or share with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

• Get notifications when new reviews are posted.

• Optimized for tablets.

Note: you cannot view actual media in our app (except for our video reviews), though we do offer Google Play and Amazon links.

A note about privacy and app permissions:

Common Sense Media is committed to user privacy and transparency. So we want you to know exactly what permissions this app requests during the installation process and why. Here’s the full list:

• “Read phone status and identity” and “Allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception” allows us to integrate AT&T U-verse functionality so that you can search for content on your set-top box.

• “Take pictures and videos” allows us to use the device’s camera so that you can take pictures of your kids in the My Kids section for a more personalized experience. These photos never leave your device.

• “Approximate location (network-based)” and “Precise location (GPS and network-based)” allows us to fetch your location so that you can get local showtimes for movies in theaters near you without leaving the app.

• “Modify or delete the contents of your SD card” and “Read the contents of your SD card” allows us to store pictures taken in the My Kids section and cache Google Maps data when getting showtimes and searching for movies in theaters near you.

• “Find accounts on the device,” ”Read Google service configuration,” and “Use accounts on the device” allows you to register and log in with your email address or through a social network, and also allows us to use Google Play services like Google Maps in the app.

• “Change network connectivity,” “Full network access, “Receive data from Internet,” “View network connections,” and “View Wi-Fi connections” allows us to access the Internet and connect to the server so that you can view our content through app.

• “Control vibration” and “Prevent phone from sleeping” allows us to push notifications to you if you enable notifications.