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Nakama Reviews

  • Chris louthan
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    Reviewed in COOL AndroidGame

    The arcade game has a couple of game modes: Story and Endless mode.  In Story mode, you could save a nakama and it will help you fight.  If you save more than one nakama, they could help you all at once in Endless mode which gives you a chance of getting a higher score (or survive longer).  There’s also an in-game currency which can be used to buy upgrades for your health, more damage on your attack and increase your power mode duration.  The controls seem rather easy as you just have to move side to side with big enough buttons on the bottom left corner of the screen.  The attack buttons are located on the opposite side.  Since you will be controlling a ninja, expect him to move fast.  Mix your attacks with the use of jump or double jump.  You’re not just fighting against the little underlings, there’s epic boss fights to look forward to as well.



    Reviewed in Indie Game Selections

    Simple, intuitive, retro and hours of fun! Controls respond as one would expect. And the game offers a healthy challenge. The art style is simple and linear but appealing. This is a side scroller slasher experience that should not be missed. The verdict on this one is 4/5 ( its also free so go check it out ! )


Jump, Slash and rescue your Nakama (friends). A retro beat'em up with an interesting visual style and crazy fast action. Nakama is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at


- Moga GamePad support
- Spot on platforming controls
- Extremely fast skill based combat
- Story mode with challenging boss fights
- Endless mode with game center support
- Graphics made entierly on the iPad (with Pixel Dude)