MIMPI 2d platformer

MIMPI 2d platformer

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    Mar 12, 2014

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Explore strange new worlds and unique adventures in Mimpi - a fantastic new adventure, puzzle, and platformer game. Best played on a tablet.


TouchArcade: 4.5/5 "Mimpi is adorable, the artwork is amazing, and the puzzles are both challenging and simply fun to play through ... I highly recommend folks check it out."

Arcade Sushi: 9/10 "This first rate app is an absolutely gorgeous title, and it’s one of the few physics based puzzlers that moves the heart and the mind."

App Addict: 4/5 "Mimpi is delightful platformer, that really shines due to the challenging puzzle element which often cleverly utilizes the touch screen."

The game is like a psychedelic illustration come alive! Mimpi the dog is searching for his master in eight diverse worlds. The environment is seldom repetitive, the puzzles are always new. The story is told without words by the game world itself. The game can be played by anyone, kids, adults, hipsters, crypto terrestrials... :)

- Optimized for tablet
- 8 different illustrated levels where each screen is different
- Puzzle, platformer and adventure mechanics combined into unique gameplay style
- Unique puzzles and minigames that seldom repeat
- 24 short comics to discover
- Unobtrusive story that is told completely without words, no boring dialogues
- Music that changes as you progress levels
- 8 character skins available in game

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