Alchemy ~ Genetics

Alchemy ~ Genetics

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Alchemy~Genetics. ATTENTION: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! Game for people who have a sense of humor! Addictive like Alchemy, amazing like Genetics! Lots of fun, and many hours of gameplay.

Combine different animals to create new species. Start with 4 and go up to 500, from obvious to unlikely to bizarre combinations.
Play, enjoy and remember: this game was made for laughs! No animals were hurt :)

Learn more about amazing animals by clicking the Wikipedia logo on the animal info page!

Join the game community on Facebook and share combos with other players all over the world!

PREMIUM version is also available:
- No ads
- Less permissions
- Option to "lock" animals in TVs
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In this game your elements are animals and "genes", and new breeds are created by adding a trait of one creature to another, for example:

Ant + Rat [Tailed] = Scorpion (an arthropod with a tail)
Anchovy + Chicken [Domestic] = Golden Carp (a domestic fish)
Golden Carp + Scorpion = ???

NB! If you find a bug or something doesn't work for you, PLEASE get in touch with us via e-mail or Facebook! We'll do our best to fix it for you.

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