Cover Lock Screen (beta)

Cover Lock Screen (beta)

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    Jul 2, 2014

Cover Lock Screen (beta) Reviews

  • Big Mark

    Big Mark


    Another lock screen app this one's in beta so check it out and help em improve it

  • Omar B

    Omar B

    Reviewed in Functionality, Simplicity and Design

    If you haven't heard of this lock screen, catch up! Cover has a multitude of functions and their newest feature,music controls, just add to its already outstanding features. It has really set itself apart from other lockscreens.

  • Keviin yanziel Torres

    Keviin yanziel Torres

    Reviewed in Best apps & Games

    This app give ur lockscreen a new look..i really recommended go and check it out

  • Staz


    Reviewed in Weekly Top Apps

    Get extremely fast access to the right app at he right time. This app learns which app you use in different context and place them right on your lock screen for ease access. Cover (Beta) automatically categories them as follow, App used at home, at work, in your car or simply when you are out. Still in beta so don't expect miracle as developer will definitely make it better even though does a great job, I've personally test it and it's very handy.

  • Khaled Trad

    Khaled Trad

    Reviewed in Awesome Android apps - daily updates

    Cover Is An Android-Only Lockscreen That Shows Apps When You Need Them,which adapts to show your top productivity apps at work, favorite chill out apps at home, and driving apps in the car.

  • PSarge


    Reviewed in Productivity

    Is it personalisation or is it productivity? Well it's a bit of both. This app put the apps you regularly use on your lock screen for easy access, but it also looks at where you are when you use the apps and changes what is displayed accordingly, pretty clever.

  • Aimee Burnett

    Aimee Burnett

    Reviewed in "App" Step Closer to a Higher Level of Being

    The absolute best! Lock screen, app switcher, and app widget all in one!

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Jan 25th 2014

    AsariCommando2: Really smart way of unlocking your phone. I'm always keen on ways of making navigation easier and this certainly helps.

  • Jerrod Jackson

    Jerrod Jackson

    Reviewed in TRY THESE 😁

    Another way to access your apps from your home screen

  • Predrag Milic

    Predrag Milic

    Reviewed in My daly one's

    I cant even tell how good this locker is:). Must install


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Get fast access to the right apps at the right time. Cover learns which apps you use in different contexts and puts them right on your lockscreen for easy access. Automatically see different apps at home, in the car, at work, and when you’re out. Key Features:

• Right apps, right time: easily access the right apps, wherever you are
• Peek: quickly peek into apps right from the lockscreen
• App switching: jump directly between apps like never before
• Smart settings: set different ringer volumes and wallpapers for home, work, car, and out

Cover is made exclusively for Android.

And people love it:

“Cover is a brilliant Android lock screen” -TechCrunch
“Performance is impressive; scrolling is smooth, the app is quick and responsive“ -The Verge
“Cover is one of the smartest applications we've seen” -Gizmodo

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