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Copy Bubble

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    Aug 11, 2014

Copy Bubble Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Copy Bubble is Link Bubble for all your copy and pasting needs. Copy as much content as you want, and access them in a handy pop up. If you're doing a lot of cross-app copying and pasting, this app could save you a lot of grief.

  • Moira


    Reviewed in Amazing apps


  • Ashwini Shenoy

    Ashwini Shenoy

    Reviewed in Tiny but Mighty, Beautiful yet functional.

    Godsend for people with cross-app copy pasting needs

  • aksaks
  • Reza Eb

    Reza Eb

    Reviewed in Nerds Apps

    Copy Bubble Functional, easy to use/access and is exactly what you needed to replace the stock clipboard.

  • Duwayne Findlay

    Duwayne Findlay

    Reviewed in Android App Report

    A very light app with only about 4MB. It also feels light but functional. Able to copy multiple items to the "clipboard" and paste or re-paste multiple times. Also you can share directly into the app you want. By doing so you create a new document to hold the items. It's useful but to what extent may depend on how busy your work life really is.