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Hide Files - Andrognito

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Hide Files - Andrognito Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Andrognito is yet another nifty app for you to hide your sordid documents and pictures. I'm not sayin' you've got a stash of weird porn and/or nude selfies on your phone or anything, though. And even if you do, it's cool, bro. No judgment.

  • SD Shukla

    SD Shukla

    Reviewed in SD™ Apps

    "Protect your Privacy"

  • Pawan Kayth

    Pawan Kayth

    Reviewed in Geek's Apps (No Crap)

    FREE. Paid Upgrade Available.

  • Steve Wright

    Steve Wright

    Reviewed in Best Apps to hide photos and videos

    Super high level triple encription. Not great if you want to frequently view you hidden data or media- good for storing and forgettign about them.


Andrognito 3, the biggest update of the app is available in in BETA.
Join the BETA program to get early access to everything new and help improve the app. Scroll down to join or use the link below.


Andrognito 2 (Old)

Don't worry about your private and important files falling into the wrong hands? Andrognito hides pictures, videos, music and any type of file with military-grade encryption with one of the fastest and most secure encryption technique ever.

Perfectly suitable for all kinds of users, from teenagers to corporate personnel, Andrognito can perfectly hide sensitive photos, videos and any kind of file into its secure vault with amazing speed. The Vaults are virtually unbreakable, thanks to its military-grade encryption algorithm.

It has been designed purely in Material Design keeping simplicity and ease of use in mind. Experience it at its best on Android 5.0 Lollipop and enjoy all the cool Material Design animations.

Important Features of Andrognito -

★ Designed with love in pure Material Design
★ Uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption algorithm
★ Blazing fast encryption and decryption speed
★ Preview large encrypted files almost instantly
★ Supports hiding all types of files, like pictures, videos, music and folders as well

Unique and Advanced features of Andrognito -

• Unlimited Vaults - Organize your files the way you want
• Timely PIN - Dynamic and intuitive time-based PIN system for added security
• Fake Account - Deceive intruders into a fake account with some fake hidden files
• Invisible Mode - Hide the app icon from the launcher and go incognito
• Fake Force Close - Make the app crash forcefully to deceive prying eyes
• Automatic Backup - Takes automatic backups of all your hidden files, vaults and settings
• File Import - Import any type of file from any app of your choice
• Native Photo Viewer - Supports native image viewing with GIF playback
• Theme Manager - Customize the look and feel of the app
• Junk Sweeper and File Shredding - Leaves no junk files or any traces of the hidden files
• Full Customization - Provides a plethora of customization options to make you feel at home

Designed with love by Aritra Roy.