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    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Andrognito is yet another nifty app for you to hide your sordid documents and pictures. I'm not sayin' you've got a stash of weird porn and/or nude selfies on your phone or anything, though. And even if you do, it's cool, bro. No judgment.

  • SD Shukla

    SD Shukla

    Reviewed in SD™ Apps

    "Protect your Privacy"

  • Steve Wright

    Steve Wright

    Reviewed in Best Apps to hide photos and videos

    Super high level triple encription. Not great if you want to frequently view you hidden data or media- good for storing and forgettign about them.


Want to hide your files, photos, and videos secretly in your device? Worried about someone snooping into your phone or tablet? Hide photos, videos and private files with one of the best security apps in Play Store.

Andrognito uses military-grade encryption techniques to lock files with multiple layers of protection and offers one of the fastest encryption speeds. Andrognito is useful for storing your files in your private cloud and freeing up your device space.

It's your personal photo, video and files vault to hide and keep safe all your personal data. The app has been trusted for more than 2 years as one the smartest ways to stay safe on Android.


Please DO NOT leave a bad review if you need an issue to be resolved or can't find a feature you want. Reviews are not for that. Just drop a mail at helpdesk@andrognito.com and we will gladly help you.


✅ Hide files using military-grade AES 256 algorithm coupled with super-fast encryption and decryption speeds

✅ Securely lock your private photos, videos, and files on Andrognito cloud and never worry about a stolen device or broken SD card

✅ Backup your secret pictures, videos and large files to Andrognito cloud to make space for installing more apps and games

✅ Access all your important files synced to the cloud across all Android devices with the same account

✅ End-to-end encryption ensures all your data is completely safe and no one except you can read your data


★ Vault Spoofing

Creates a fake vault to deceive intruders into seeing some fake files in a fake vault other than the real files in the real vault

★ Invisible Mode

Hides app icon from the launcher so that anyone getting hold of your device doesn’t have a clue about your private stuff

★ Fake Force Close

Forces the app to crash during unlock to deceive intruders into believing that the app is currently not working

★ TimelyPIN Lock

Forget static PINs. Use auto changing dynamic PINs which change based on date, time and other modifiers making it difficult for anyone to get into your vault

★ Custom Themes

Never get bored of the same look. Customize the app to change its look-and-feel and make it your own


Explanation - Used to authenticate users and sync files to the cloud if necessary. Also used by internal performance based tools like CrashAnalytics to track crashes

Explanation - To view, encrypt, decrypt and preview encrypted files on your device. All file hide operations depend on this permission

Explanation - Used to lock/unlock the app if chosen by the user

Explanation - Used by the Invisible Mode feature, where the user can hide the app icon from the launcher and open it by dialing a PIN from the system dialer

* READ_CALL_LOG (Optional)
Explanation - Used to delete the Invisible Mode PIN dialed by the user for enhanced safety and security

Download the app to discover lots of amazing new features which can help you to keep your photos, videos and private files safe in Android. File hiding in Android just got so much better.

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