InDrive: Custom Car Home

InDrive: Custom Car Home

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InDrive: Custom Car Home Reviews

  • Arrioch


    Reviewed in Hidden Gems

    Since there's no more Car Home in latest versions of Android, InDrive comes as a great alternative, with typical big buttons, speed, driving time, music, and more.

  • Über-Productivity


    Reviewed in Über-Productivity

    I'm still getting used to this app, so it may not be perfect for everyone, but if you are searching for a car launcher....this is it! B-) :-) O:-) :-D


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NOTICE: This application is no longer supported by the developer. Some of the features will be integrated into SpeedView in the following months. Sorry for the inconvenience. ---

InDrive is a unique application that combines car mode functionality with an advanced trip computer and deep Poweramp integration. With one-touch access to the most useful features on your phone, this app is your perfect driving companion!

*** This is a free 30-day trial version. In order to continue using the app after this period, you will need to purchase the InDrive Unlocker.

InDrive makes it very easy to launch your favorite applications, directly dial numbers, view your trip information and control music playback*. It will auto launch when placed in a compatible car dock. If you don't have a physical car dock, InDrive provides an option to force your phone into car mode, which will allow the app to override the Home button. Please note that for this feature to work properly on Android 2.x and higher, you have to set InDrive as the default car dock app. To do this, simply check the "Enable car mode" option in the settings and follow the instructions. This only needs to be done once.

NOTE FOR ANDROID 4.2.x USERS: Unfortunately, it appears that Google has removed dock home support in Android 4.2. Pressing the Home button will now return you to the launcher screen instead of InDrive or other car home app of choice. If you want this feature back, please vote for the following issue:

* The music screen is designed to work in conjunction with Poweramp. Without Poweramp installed, you will only be able to do very basic controls such as switching to the next song in the default Android music player. Support for other media players is not guaranteed.

Trip computer features:
* Street address
* Speedometer (mph, km/h or knots)
* Heading
* Battery level
* Weather (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
* Odometer
* Time traveled (total / driving / stopped)
* Average speed (total / driving)
* Max speed
* Elevation
* Time of day

Startup options:
• Enable car mode (Force the phone into car mode like it had been placed in the car dock)
• Check GPS status (Open the location settings screen if GPS is disabled)
• Turn on Bluetooth
• Disable Wi-Fi
• Set media volume (Does not affect the ringtone volume)
• Set screen brightness (Will override the automatic brightness setting if necessary)

Other settings:
• Keep screen on (Prevent the screen from locking while the app is running)
• Disable auto rotation (Turn this option on when driving on bumpy roads)
• Turn on speakerphone
• Mute notification sounds
• Vibrate on press
• Minimum accuracy
• Filter the GPS speed
• Run in the background
• Enable track logging
• Exit on undock

KNOWN ISSUES: If you are experiencing a problem where the app randomly closes without any errors, try disabling integration with Poweramp in the app settings. This is a confirmed problem in Poweramp that unfortunately affects InDrive due to the link between two applications. It should be fixed in the next Poweramp update.

BATTERY USAGE: This app is very battery intensive when used with the default settings. When not connected to a power source, please uncheck the "Keep screen on" option in the app settings.

NOTE ON PERMISSIONS: InDrive requires access to several system features, such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, audio settings, and also to the SD card in order to write temporary log files and map images (these will be deleted on uninstall). It also requires a permission to directly call phone numbers for the shortcuts screen to work properly.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them on our blog or open a support ticket here:

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