Pinout Master connector scheme

Pinout Master connector scheme

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PinoutMaster is pinout search engine, but with more functions. Main Search Engine is programmed to perform two completely different types of search: connector search, and electrical acronym search. Enter a name, model or something else related to pinouts requests. Model or connector name are listed in the first column. If there is an unknown acronym in a pinout table or electrical scheme (for example, 'CTS which means clear to send'), you may type it in the search engine field and it will return all pinout database tables abbreviation indexes containing your acronym. Included inside: Car radio pinouts, OBD2 connector cables, plystation, iphone connectors, display, cisco cables, ups and power supply,Nissan ,BMW,Cellular Phones, Nokia,Samsung , usb and data storage. Sony, Philips ,pioneer, clarion, db25, db37, rs485