Sir Hoppity Knight Bunny RPG

Sir Hoppity Knight Bunny RPG

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    Jan 15, 2014


From the mind of 8-year old game designer Benjamin Howard comes Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon! With only your magic carrot sword to protect you, play as Sir Hoppity through the dark forest, a rolling sand desert, and the volcano dragon’s lair. Collect treasure and buy upgrade items to defeat jumping spiders, angry wasps, sidewinder snakes, and more!

• Exciting 2.5D platformer with the spirit of classic adventure games

• Awesome treasures include keys, chests, potions, upgraded armor, and more!

• Three giant levels filled with enemies, traps, and challenges: dark forest, sun scorched desert, and lava volcano

• Game design and all character art created by 8-year old Benjamin Howard!