Bookmark Folder (Free)

Bookmark Folder (Free)

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** Bookmark Management App **
Let's manage your bookmarks by Folders!
You don't have to add bookmarks again to new browser any more, when you have changed browser usually used. Introduction:
*Manage bookmarks by folder.
*NOT limited sub folders level.
*Add bookmarks easily by using browsers share function.
*Import bookmarks from Android default browser or HTML bookmark files.
*Backup bookmarks to SD.
*Settable launching browser for individual bookmarks.
*Settable background color, text color, text size, image size and etc... As you like.
*Selectable view type from List or Grid.
*Selectable image type from Icon or Thumbnail.
*Always you can launch this app from status bar.
*Sort bookmarks as you like by dragging.

*Ad-free License key*

*2014/08/03:Bug fix.(When App has launched from App recent, browser is launched directly.)
*2014/07/26:Launching browser setting for each bookmarks was added.
*2014/07/12:"Sort by URL" function was added.
*2014/07/12:Support Action bar on Android 3.0 or more.
*2014/06/18:Display introduction when first launched.
*2014/05/29:Sorting by ascending descending was added.
*2014/05/29:Auto backup setting was added.
*2014/05/29:Set notification when system launched.
*2014/05/29:Keep scroll position when command was run.
*2014/04/01:Fix bug.(some of HTML files were not able to be imported.)
*2014/03/26:"Import / Export settings" menu was added.
*2014/03/26:Sort some menu.
*2014/03/12:Fix the cutting display on the low resolution terminal.
*2014/03/12:Adjust shortcut icon size.
*2014/03/11:Add "Ignore case" option to sort.
*2014/03/11:Add "Dividing lines" settings.
*2014/02/20:Add subfolder sort function
*2014/02/20:Display count of delete items.
*2014/02/20:Wording changes.
*2014/01/31:Improvement of dragging process.
*2014/01/31:Startup folder option was added.
*2014/01/31:Copy function was added.
*2014/01/15:Improvement of locked items security.
*2013/12/19:"Select / Deselect all" function is added.
*2013/12/19:"Sort by creation" was added.
*2013/12/05:Optimization of processing.
*2013/10/23:Support the bookmark file in HTML format.
*2013/10/23:Adjust some of menu structure.
*2013/07/27:Modified to exclude duplicate items when importing from the browser or exporting to browser.
*2013/07/27:Add the process to receive title from browser when item is added.
*2013/07/23:Change specification so size does not depend on the terminal resolution.
*2013/07/23:Modification of help.
*2013/07/23:Use less memory.
*2013/07/23:Improvement of display processing.
*2013/06/16:Setting bits of color was enabled.
*2013/05/09:Bug fix.(Force close)
*2013/03/31:Saving last access folder setting is added.
*2013/01/26:Bug fix.(Wrong item is dragged on android 4.0 or more)
*2013/01/26:Changing up button and folder name size is enabled.
*2013/01/26:Improvement of get thumbnail processing.
*2012/11/27:Changed to refresh screen when loading icon and thumbnail.
*2012/11/20: Improvement of the getting icon(favicon) process.
*2012/11/20:Support Android4.2
*2012/11/09:Changing to need password when open locked link.
*2012/11/09:Bug fix.(Crash when new installed)
*2012/11/08:Item lock function is added.
*2012/11/08:Organizing setting screen.
*2012/10/18:"Enable tabs" setting is added.
*2012/09/11:Bug fix.(Get title processing)
*2012/09/10:Improvemen of get title processing.
*2012/09/04:Adjustment of get title processing.
*2012/08/27:"Confirm the exit" setting is added.
*2012/07/23:"Cancel notification when exit" setting is added.
*2012/07/11:Change words.(for japanese)
*2012/07/09:Bug fix.
*2012/07/05:Sort function was added.
*2012/07/05:The composition of the menu was changed.
*2012/06/26:Improvement of display processing.
*2012/06/21:Exporting to browser was enabled.(added permission)