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This simple app consists of a 1x1 and 2x2 homescreen widget. It will show the number of visible GPS satellites and the mean signal strength. Now you will be able to predict whether you are likely to get a location fix. Depending upon the number of satellites and signal strength you can take the decision to move around to a more open area. Remember that it takes at least 3 to 4 satellites before you can receive location fix. The new 2x2 widget will also show the number of satellites having ephemeris and almanac data in addition to accuracy. Almanac(Imprecise) and Ephemeris(Precise) are satellite data cached in the GPS engine. The almanac data validity is in months. The ephemeris data gets invalidated in a few hours. If you get more satellites with valid ephemeris then you will quickly get location fixes with good accuracy.

Operation:- Tap the widget to start it. It will run for the duration you set in the app and stop automatically. This is a battery saving measure. If you want to stop before it auto stops just tap it again.

1. No of satellites
2. Mean GPS signal strength(SNR)
3. Two Widgets 1x1 and 2x2
4. No of satellites with valid Almanac
5. No of satellites with valid Ephemeris
6. Accuracy in meters
7. Color gradients
8. Vibrate on Fix
9. Stop on fix

Premium Features(Inapp Purchase):-
1. Adfree
2. Tones on Fix and Fix Lost
3. Notification Color change on Fix and Fix Lost

After installation if you cant see the widget in the list of widgets just change the orientation of the device while the list of widgets is opened. This will refresh the widgets list.

Permissions. The app requires internet permissions for Billing, Google ads and Analytics.

Email any feedback to me.

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