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    Music player that can stream your music from different cloud services, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Sugarsync,, etc.


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Play music from CloudAround, the most popular multi-cloud music player on Android! Experience a beautiful interface that is completely intuitive to use! It is incredibly easy to set up:
★ Instantly play all of your local music or
★ Add your cloud credentials to stream from the cloud
Stream from any or all of the following cloud services:
- Amazon S3
- Rackspace Cloud Files
- Google Drive
- Dropbox
- Box
- SugarSync
- Microsoft SkyDrive

Download CloudAround and start streaming your music library instantly. With the CloudAround music player you will have an interface that combines all types of music in one place. This is better than iCloud and iTunes for Android because you are in control of your music and where it is stored. If you are already backing up and sharing your media with other accounts, then you simply add your login details via CloudAround and within minutes you have access to everything.

✔ No account setup required
✔ Integrated local storage media with your music from the cloud
✔ Caching for instant playback
✔ Last.FM Scrobbling
✔ Download from the cloud straight to your phone
✔ Full album art/cover support
✔ Automatic song recognition. No searching through filenames!
✔ Hide songs, albums, or artists you dont like
✔ Rename songs, albums, or artists that were tagged improperly
✔ Gapless playback
✔ Streams mp3's or m4a's
✔ Pick the folder you want to sync or sync your entire account
✔ Seamless integration of multiple clouds in one interface
✔ Full SSL support to protect your secure data transfer
✔ Purchase CloudAround for $1.99 to remove the ads and add more than one account

For commonly asked questions, check out If that doesn't help, you can reach out to us for support, errors, features, or to say hello by sending us an email at and we will get back to you soon. If you think we can do better, please tell us before leaving feedback. We love feedback and want to put our users at the forefront of innovation. We want to be your interactive music player of choice.

Although very similar to Amazon Cloud Player, Google Music, Cloudskipper, PowerAMP, and Dropbox, CloudAround combines the best of these worlds and lets you access the same data how you want to access it. There is no need to upload all of your music to another provider just so you can stream it. Let CloudAround find, sort, and tag all of your music for you, instantly!

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