Delivery Droid Free

Delivery Droid Free

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    Sep 1, 2014


The lite version only allows 7 shifts. * DELIVERING PIZZA JUST GOT A LOT EASIER! *

**Organize, Navigate, Calculate **

A perfect app for delivery drivers of take-out food (like pizza) or anything that requires tracking time of delivery, payment and mileage while on the go!

Drivers can quickly enter order information, organize their route & navigate to addresses. After each delivery, drivers are prompted to enter payment info, getting real-time calculations for tips and mileage pay. Totals all data for end of shift. Includes flexible options: track mileage for reimbursement per run, per delivery, per odometer miles or even as a percent of total sales. Launches GPS navigation & archives data in history.

Check out this video review:

Also this instructional video on the address entry screen

Created by Marc Kluver and Matt Henry