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  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Notif serves the same purpose as Notification-inator, but it lets you choose from different types of notifications—swipable, persistent, lists, pictures. You don't get as many icons, but Notif is one of the best (if not the best) notification creating apps out there.

  • Tarun M

    Tarun M

    Reviewed in Smartphone Management


  • Utsav Gupta

    Utsav Gupta

    Reviewed in HOLO UI:Best of Google Play Store

    Notif is an app built for Jelly Bean that allows you to create rich notifications for reminders, lists, passwords, pictures, or anything else that you can think of. The possibilities are endless!

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Dec 7th 2013

    _mattias: Lets you create custom system notifications, useful to create reminders.

  • Arrioch


    Reviewed in Galaxy Nexus Essentials

    Notif is a small app that makes good use of Jelly Bean new notification system, you can use this app to set reminders in your notifications, full with pictures, icons, text lists, etc...

  • Andreas Dennenmoser

    Andreas Dennenmoser

    Reviewed in Everday Apps

    Want to have personalized Notifactions with pictures and Stuff? "Notif" works great with Jelly Bean!


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Notif is an app built for Android 4.1+ that allows you to create rich notifications for reminders, lists, passwords, pictures, or anything else that you can think of. The possibilities are endless! NEW:
Notif History has been released! This will back up your text and list notifications and allows you to re-create notifications by tapping on them. FYI, this will not save picture notifications. Just text and list. Swipe to delete notifications because this free version will only show your last 10 :( Consider buying Notif Pro for unlimited backup!

Create notifications hands-free with VoiceNotif! Just tap the microphone icon at the top and it will listen for a title and your content. It will create an expandable notification, just as if you typed it out yourself.

There are three types of notifications that you can create:
1) Text: Holds a title, an expanded title, and multiple lines of content when expanded
2) Picture: Holds a title, one line of content, and an image that you can take or retrieve from your gallery
3) List: Holds a title, up to 7 items, a summary, and one line of content when the notification is reduced

To expand a notification that isn't already expanded, simply pull down on it with two fingers. Note that by default, only the highest notification is expanded.

What is “ongoing”?
- The term ongoing means that the notification will be fixed in the notification shade. You will not be able to swipe it away or clear it, unless you click on it and press “delete”. If the check box is checked, it will be ongoing. If not, it will not be ongoing. Whether or not the notification is ongoing is not related to it being restored after a reboot.
What is “priority”?
- Priority, by definition, is the amount of attention a notification will receive. You can set the priority in Notif to default, minimum, or maximum.
- Default: Just the norm. Like when you receive a text message, it will appear and other notifications can appear above or below it.
- Minimum: These will always be fixed to the bottom and the icon will not appear in the status bar.
- Maximum: These will always be fixed to the top.

Upgrade to Notif Pro to get these features:
+ Notification editing
+ Unlimited Notif History
+ Over 200 icons
+ Integration with Android's share intents
+ QuickNotif - create and clear notifications from notification shade
+ Lots more to come
+ Only $1.49!

Have any questions? Want to suggest a feature?
- Follow @notifapp on Twitter (
- Submit and vote on your most wanted features here:

About me: I am a high school student. Updates will not always be as quick as you might like :)

A few known issues to be fixed:
- The resolution for pictures taken with camera in the Big Picture tab is pretty low. An easy workaround is to use your phone's camera app to take the picture and then use the "Get Picture" button in Notif to grab it from the gallery. It will be high resolution.
- Cannot get picture from gallery on Nexus 7

Permissions explained:
1. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED -> Used to restore notifications on reboot

Full change log here:

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