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Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List

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Grocery shopping is easy with the ultimate shopping list – Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List offers shared grocery lists that automatically update as you shop, making it easy to buy and organize your favorite grocery items from one shared list!

Millions of shoppers use the Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List app to save time and money shopping. This checklist app will make forgetting groceries a thing of the past, with a grocery checklist that updates as you shop. Use Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List with your daily planner, meal planner and grocery list to make budgeting and cooking much easier!

Food shopping in huge supermarkets can be extremely confusing and time consuming. Buy Me a Pie’s real simple checklists will make your grocery shopping easy as pie!

Shopping lists can be made in-app and shared with family, friends and colleagues on Android and iOS devices, as well as on The Android app is fully compatible with the iOS version.

Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List has only what you really need:

Shared List Abilities via Automatic Synchronization:
* Add groceries and other items to a shared list for others to pick up – if you want them to buy a cheesecake from Whole Foods or Aldi, just add it to the list!
* Lists from your family and friends synchronize automatically
* Keep everyone on the same page with a shared shopping list

Lists are Multi-platform:
* Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List works across Android, iOS or the website
* View your checklist on any device to save time

Shopping List Simplicity:
* Our app is used by both children and seniors, and we constantly work hard to make the app as simple to use as possible
* Use our lists at any grocery stores or outlets
* Create a list while you’re sipping an espresso or shopping in Sam’s Club
* Easily create grocery lists for each store, complete with new custom names

Smart Checklist Grouping:
* Grocery list items can have a color assigned to automatically group them
* List items belonging to the same group (e.g. supermarket aisle or local food network department) will automatically be displayed together

Self-Learning Grocery Dictionary:
* Our food shopping dictionary contains all the basic comestibles: fruits, bread, coffee, pasta sauce, toilet paper, cookies and dozens more
* Automatically store local food and other specialty items in the dictionary as you type

Word prompter:
* Buy Me A Pie! automatically suggests a word upon entering a few letters

Lists Update in Real Time:
* You’ll be notified when a shared list has been altered. For example, your spouse is at Home Depot, and you are at Staples. Each of you can watch how the other is adding items to the cart and crossing them off of lists
* Shopping lists change in real time as they are updated
* Make as many shopping lists as you need for your family and friends. With Buy Me A Pie, you’ll have a simple list for any occasion

Shopping Lists Can Be Created via E-mail, SMS, and Other Apps:
* Duplicating lists make meal plans easier than ever
* Create one grocery store food list, and then copy it to make minimal changes

To Do Lists Make a Great Day Planner:
* Easily create lists for any occasion, like Christmas or Birthdays
* Create a to do list to remind yourself of all the errands you need to run
* Use Buy Me A Pie! as a daily organizer to help you track, group and share daily tasks

Let Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List remind you how simple grocery shopping can be! Shared lists let you show your grocery shopping itinerary to friends and family, automatically updating in real time as you shop. You can even use Buy Me A Pie! as a to do list app. Our lists are great for any occasion!

Download Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List and simplify your grocery shopping today!