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Type:Rider Reviews

  • Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Reviewed in Die besten Apps und Spiele

    Mit zwei Punkten erkundet Ihr Welten voller Buchstaben und löst Rätsel um den Levelausgang zu ereichen! Jeder Abschnitt wird von einer anderen Schriftart dominiert und ermöglicht Euch so einen kleinen Streifzug durch die Entstehungsgeschichte der Schrift! Alleine wegen dem untypischen Grafikstil muss sich ein jeder Fan von Geschicklichkeitsspielen dieses Spiel unbedingt anschauen! P.S.: Auch für Tablets optimiert!

  • Android Gamer & Reviewer

    Android Gamer & Reviewer

    Reviewed in Hot & New Awesome Games

    Typography platformer

  • Mohanad Sinan

    Mohanad Sinan

    Reviewed in Great Apps

    You can download this from http://apkmania.co

  • SGDjames


    Reviewed in SGD's Indie Games Feed

    Type:Rider is One of the most unique games that I have come across this year. It has a truly stunning art style, a beautiful atmospheric soundtrack, and some really innovative puzzle-platforming elements that mesh into one solid looking game.

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Feb 8th 2014

    EtoileDuSoir: one of the best game i've had the pleasure to play lately. Beautiful atmosphere really informative. Well worth the price !

  • kasuke urimusha

    kasuke urimusha

    Reviewed in Badass games with personal comment (daily updated)

    A perfect game, I love to learn playing and this is a nice game because you learn history, the main point is to guide two stones to the end, it sounds simple but I know exotic gamers will like it


The European cultural TV channel Arte innovates and launches its first video game !
Immerse yourself in this fascinating and unique experience to uncover the history and secrets of Fonts & Characters ! Play as 2 dots and travel through the ages of typographic styles and techniques. From the
rock paintings of prehistoric times to Pixel art of the 2000’s, solve all the riddles by riding the most popular fonts and characters (Garamond, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Pixel, Comic Sans...) in a very captivating musical and visual environment.

Type:Rider is an adventure puzzle game produced by AGAT – EX NIHILO and ARTE that brings gaming experience to a whole new daring level.


•• 10 worlds echoing key periods of the typograhy’s history

•• Breath-taking artworks and musical vibes

•• Immersive and intriguing atmosphere

•• 3 types of controls: accelerometer, buttons and intuitive

•• Great historical archives and paintings