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My Guitar

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♩♪♬ My Guitar ♬♪♩
Best virtual guitar simulation for Android™
Play guitar on your device like on a real guitar! Features:
■ 4 guitar types
- steel acoustic
- nylon acoustic
- clean electric
- muted electric
■ 4 play modes:
- solo mode
- tapping mode
- chord mode
- combined mode
■ all 325 chords
■ studio quality sound
■ multi-touch support
■ 6 sound effects
■ play velocity
■ string muting
■ string damping
■ string bending
■ string animation
■ haptic feedback*
■ right and left handed
■ 5 neck colors
■ 4, 5 or 6 frets
■ a capo option
■ virtual vibrato arm
■ virtual volume knob
■ chords load/save
■ SD card support
■ tablet/pad support
■ hardware acceleration
■ free

*Advanced haptic feedback is provided by Immersion's MOTIV engine.

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