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BT customers could save money when making expensive calls from their mobiles using the free BT SmartTalk app. If you’re a Residential BT customer you can now make calls for the same great value as if you were using your BT calling plan, all through your smartphone’s Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

- You can save money making calls to 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers
- You can make calls back to the UK from abroad for the same price you’d pay if you were in your living room.
- You can make great value calls without having to top up your Pay-As-You-Go credit

Key features of the App:

- Free app available to all BT Residential customers
- Make calls from your smartphone using your BT home calling plan
- Save money on expensive mobile calls to 0800, 0845 & 0870 numbers
- Use your mobile fearlessly when calling the UK from abroad. But remember, your BT home calling plan stays on the UK time zone!
- No need to keep topping up your PAYG credit
- Up to 5 devices per household; unique login required per device

How the app works:

1. Download the app and complete the sign-up journey; you’ll need to be at home to link your mobile with your home phone and complete your registration.
2. This app has been designed and optimised to function over Android devices version 2.3 and up. It should still work on earlier versions, but we recommend customers upgrade to the latest version of Android for the best customer experience.
3. Up to 5 devices can be registered per household, but a unique log-in is required per device. You can create an additional log-in during the registration process.
4. The BT account holder will be informed of all new registrations and has the ability to manage their BT SmartTalk service online at - including limiting the type of number each user can call, or even blocking new registrations.
5. You’ll also need an internet connection! You can make calls over Wi-Fi, whether at home or out-and-about, or using a 3G/4G connection – Wi-Fi is best as your mobile service provider may charge you for data usage.
6. Please note that call quality is dependent on the quality of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection – BT SmartTalk will warn you by displaying a message if your signal strength is poor. Problems connecting? Run the ‘Connection Test’ in the ‘Help’ section of the app.
7. Calls made from this app will cost the same as from your home phone, using your BT calling plan rather than your mobile rates or minutes.
8. People will see your mobile number when you call them via the app rather than your home phone number.
9. You’ll see all BT SmartTalk calls itemised by user mobile number on your BT bill, including calls made outside of your home calling plan.
10. For more information on your BT home calling plan, you’ll need to ask the BT account holder.