Vixes - book for kids

Vixes - book for kids

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    Mar 11, 2013


Vixes is an interactive book for children and their parents for Android smartphones and tablets! #1 interactive book for iOS in 3 countries!

Our interactive book is suited for kids of age from 2 to 7 and packed with beatiful artistic backgrounds. It is fully voiced and features little Vixes - Valie and Alie, in a long and engaging story with logical and intuitive puzzles and games.

Vixes are jolly and hard-working little people. When night falls on Earth, the Sun shines bright in their world - and they work tirelessly to bring us sweet and colorful dreams.
And Valie and Alie are, as you may have guessed, Vixes - and even though they are pretty young, they are going to be Dream Deliverers one day. And this day might come much sooner then they expect...

Interactive book about Vixes is mostly fun, but is generaly educational for younger kids and helps them learn few things. You can also read aloud if you turn off sound on text screens!

- funny and lovable characters
- beautiful hand-drawn animations
- lots of fully voiced interactive screens with puzzles

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