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Breaking News is the fastest source of trusted news, monitored by many of the world's largest newsrooms, companies and governments. See what's breaking right now around the globe and near your location, wherever you go. Our editors give you an edge when minutes matter by sifting through social media and thousands of news sources.

Discover why millions of users rely on Breaking News:

• Get alerts 14 minutes ahead of any other news app
• Watch live video from the scene
• Get just the facts with quick updates
• See breaking news near your location
• Follow your favorite stories and topics
• Get alerts for any story or topic you choose
• See verified eyewitness photos and videos
• Discover the most surprising stories with "Whoa!"
• Hide stories you don't want to see
• Get notified when a big story breaks nearby
• Alert your friends via social media
• Looks great on Android Wear
• It's all free with no registration required

"Indispensable" - The Verge
"Gold standard for news aggregation" - Fast Company
"Best apps to catch breaking news" - Wall Street Journal

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