utter! Voice Commands BETA!

utter! Voice Commands BETA!

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    500,000 - 1,000,000
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    Jun 21, 2014

utter! Voice Commands BETA! Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Disclaimer: Not Suitable for People Freaked Out by HAL 9000. utter! allows you to speak commands and—you know what, just watch the video provided in the Play Store; it will BLOW YOUR PANTS OFF. I swear.

  • Jerrod Jackson

    Jerrod Jackson

    Reviewed in App for you

    This app is awesome.The absolute BEST voice command app EVER...



    Reviewed in Some apps I have

    The best of its kind. Easy customizable commands.

  • Suchetan S M

    Suchetan S M

    Reviewed in The Rare & Unseen Apps & Games

    DESCRIPTION: J.A.R.V.I.S jumps offline. Yaeeeee. Offline!!!! Does everything. Equaling to Jarvis. U name it. Whole voice stuff. Now u really talk to the hand. DRAWBACKS: No ASK ANYTHING yet. Google text to speech- Useless. Need IVONA.( recommended).

  • Nicholas Cheung

    Nicholas Cheung

    Reviewed in All Best App !!

    Amazing! Best voice control apparently!(better than s voice) you control or ask almost any thing in the apparently or even when you are launching other(press status bar icon to speak). I'd give it 9.6/10 score

  • Feroz Fero

    Feroz Fero

    Reviewed in Apps That Deserve Top Spot

    Great voice controlled personal assistant. Oh and did I mention it works OFFLINE. awesome. LOTS of options you guys should check out in the play store page. Just remember its beta.

  • Oscar Cuevas

    Oscar Cuevas

    Reviewed in School And Productivity

    This by far is your android Siri you could say. This app has so many features I cant cover them but the main ones are; make your own commands, voice activation (tell it to wake up), and activate through notifications. Real nice app to help you out!

  • Fawzy Mowakeh

    Fawzy Mowakeh

    Reviewed in Tech dragon

    great Program for voice commands ,netter than google noe in my opinion