Select Who?

Select Who?

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    Nov 17, 2013


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A fun game to Select Who? does the task.
Everybody puts their finger on the screen the 'app' will then pick one of you at random. Uses can include

- Who buys the first round of drinks?
- Who takes out the bins?
- Who goes first in the game?
- Who goes in goal?
- Who starts the board game?


- Supports from 2 up to 10 fingers (depending on the multitouch support from your phone)
- Great sound effects
- Free
- Runs on both Smartphones & Tablets

Who draws the shortest straw, short match, coin toss, rolling the dice, spin the bottle are all in the past. Great as a starter for board games! Makes spin the bottle seem outdated.

Amount of fingers recognized does depend on the hardware of the device. Ranging from 2 (Desire) to 10 (Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy SII).