Select Who?

Select Who?

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    Nov 17, 2013


A fun game to Select Who? does the task.
Everybody puts their finger on the screen the 'app' will then pick one of you at random. Uses can include

- Who buys the first round of drinks?
- Who takes out the bins?
- Who goes first in the game?
- Who goes in goal?
- Who starts the board game?


- Supports from 2 up to 10 fingers (depending on the multitouch support from your phone)
- Great sound effects
- Free
- Runs on both Smartphones & Tablets

Who draws the shortest straw, coin toss, rolling the dice, and spin the bottle are all in the past.

Amount of fingers recognized does depend on the hardware of the device. Ranging from 2 (Desire) to 10 (Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy SII).