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Bluebox Security Scanner

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The Bluebox "Master key" Security Scanner will scan your device to determine:
- If your system is vulnerable or patched to any of the "master key" security flaws affecting most Android devices (there are multiple 'master key' flaws at this point)
- If your system settings allow 'Untrusted Sources' application installs
- If any installed application on your device is trying to maliciously take advantage of any of the 'master key' security flaws
Further details of the Android "Master key" security flaw are available at:

NOTICE: the scanner currently cannot check .APKs in the /mnt/asec/ (copy protected apps) directory; this is a security limitation enforced by Android OS. You are told how many were skipped, and given a checkbox (if one or more are skipped) to enable seeing the full list of details if you so choose.

Currently we do not have a reliable way to test for bug 9950697; however, the fix for 9950697 tends to be paired with fix for bug 10148349. So use the patch status of bug 10148349 as an indicator to patch status of bug 9950697.