Clueful Privacy Advisor

Clueful Privacy Advisor

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    May 11, 2014

Clueful Privacy Advisor Reviews

  • Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Reviewed in The best Apps and Games - Daily Update

    This application provides information about the access to what data your installed apps want to know! You see exactly which apps want to know too much of your privacy and which apps are better to completely banish from your device!

  • Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav G)

    Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav G)

    Reviewed in Surveillance Self-Defense... and Stuff

    Take back Android App Permissions [Me]: "Privacy Consultant" which checks apps for use/abuse of permissions and violation of your privacy. It checks at every app install/update against an online database, or at least gives info from permissions.

  • Pawer8


    Reviewed in Must have

    Revisa las app en busca de amenazas

  • Jānis Emulis

    Jānis Emulis

    Reviewed in Some great apps you may not know. Yet.

    Yet another privacy app that reviews permissions and categorizes apps in 3 categories: high risk (haven't got one, but I'm still trying), medium and low risk. Filter apps that use intrusive ads, send ID and sensitive data to 3rd parties, send data unencrypted etc.

  • Utsav Gupta

    Utsav Gupta

    Reviewed in HOLO UI:Best of Google Play Store

    Clueful for Android is a FREE product that shows you how installed apps use, and possibly abuse, your personal information and treat your PRIVACY. You'd be surprised how many things an app can learn about you. Without you ever knowing it.

  • المفضلي


    Reviewed in اندرويديات

    التطبيق من شركة بت ديفيندر المختصة ببرامج وتطبيقات الحماية.. مجاني بالكامل ووطيفته تصنيف التطبيقات الموجودة في جهازك الى ثلاث تصنيفات.. عالي الخطورة باللون الاحمر يعني لازم حذف أي تطبيق في هذي القائمة.. متوسط الخطورة باللون البرتقالي ولكم الامر في الحذف او إبقاء التطبيق اذا كان من شركة معروفة.. والاخضر وهو لا يشكل اي خطورة.. انصحكم اذا ما كان بجهازكم مضاد فيروسات بتثبيت هذا التطبيق على الأقل لمعرفة انواع التطبيقات. التطبيق للأسف الشديد غير معرب حتى الآن لكن واضح نسبياً.

  • Bade..R


    Reviewed in Be

    لفحص البرامج او اللعاب اذا كانت تسبب ضرر لجهازك