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Bitdefender Carrier IQ Finder reveals the presence of the Carrier IQ mobile network diagnostic tool

Earlier this week, independent developers identified a software package from Carrier IQ shipped within a number of Android-based mobile devices. This piece of software was apparently designed to provide metrics to help mobile carriers improve their services, but in some circumstances, the software is not optional and in many cases the users don't know it's there, tracking all interactions with their mobile phone.
Designed to help mobile carriers solve customer-support and infrastructure issues, the application has been discovered to systematically syphon out location data, keystrokes and other aspects of e-mail and SMS conversations.

As Bitdefender values users’ privacy and the right to informed consent, we have developed Bitdefender Carrier IQ, a low-footprint detector that can reveal the presence of the Carrier IQ package on the personal device and, if found, whether it has been enabled by the carrier.

The Bitdefender Carrier IQ finder is merely a diagnostic tool that prompts the user about the presence or absence of the Carrier IQ package. The package is deeply buried in the device firmware, so it can be uninstalled only through special privileges on the smartphone.

Please note that the Bitdefender Carrier IQ finder does not substitute for a mobile antivirus and consequently, will not detect malware. For a fully featured security solution, please install Bitdefender Mobile Security (available on Android Market).

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