BillGuard - Money Tracker

BillGuard - Money Tracker

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BillGuard - Money Tracker Reviews

  • Connor Sanders

    Connor Sanders

    Reviewed in Security and Protection

    Protect your cash.

  • Gareth Morris

    Gareth Morris

    Reviewed in Padfone 2 (Apps & Games)

    Hybrid - Google Play free/installable. This app lets you set up as passcode and then link your bank so you can see balance, transactions in nice visuals so you can monitor how you are spending your money much easier than it would be to scroll through a long ATM transactions list. Supports most UK Banks and even PayPal so you can see what you've spent via PayPal.

  • Brandon “RandomHero82” Dunbar

    Brandon “RandomHero82” Dunbar

    Reviewed in You Need to try this!

    I am a big fan of this app. Basics of it is, you link your accounts on this app. It will track them and ask to verify purchases that could potentially be suspicious. Very good app, i've been using for a while now.


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See all your account balances and charges in one place.
Get instant alerts to suspicious charges posted to your accounts.
100% FREE. BillGuard tracks your spending, protects your cards from fraud, and helps you save money with simple budgeting that actually works.

★ "Best Android Apps of 2014" - Google ★
★ "Best Apps To Manage Your Money" - CNN ★
★ "For spending analytics and advanced alerts on possible fraudulent activity, nothing beats BillGuard." - iMore ★

BillGuard now includes identity theft protection powered by Experian, the largest U.S. credit bureau.
If you're an Experian ProtectMyID® member, login to BillGuard using your ProtectMyID® credentials and you'll begin receiving credit and identity alerts right in BillGuard.


TRACK your spending:
✔ Powerful spending meter and budgeting at a glance.
✔ Know exactly what you’re spending, by category.
✔ All your charges, intelligently organized in one Smart Inbox.
✔ Get notified on new purchases. Nothing sneaks through!

PROTECT your cards from fraud and unfair charges:
✔ New! Location-based fraud alerts notify you if your card is used at a store or ATM when you're not there.
✔ Data breach alerts tell you when a hacker may have access to your cards.
✔ Suspicious charge alerts, powered by millions of diligent consumers.

SAVE money with smarter tech:
✔ Found an unfair charge? Ask the merchant for a refund with a tap.
✔ $60+ million in card fraud and grey charges found since 2011.
✔ Bite-sized, real-time budgeting.

“The best money management app I’ve tried, by far. Monitors every expense and makes me feel 100% in control.” - Jessica, Chicago, USA

“Beautifully designed money manager and budgeting app. I saved $500 by simply tracking my charges more carefully.” - Pedro, San Francisco, USA

"Probably the most beautiful personal finance management app ever built!" - Mani Karthik, SuperMoney

Q: Does BillGuard support my bank and credit card?
A: Almost certainly. BillGuard works with thousands of credit and bank accounts, including Lloyds TSB, RBS, Barclays, NatWest, Halifax, Barclaycard, Nationwide, Capital One, and PayPal.

Can’t find your account? Email us: and we’ll try to add it!

Q: How do I get started?
1. Download the BillGuard app.
2. Securely connect all your accounts to track and get alerts.
3. Swipe your new charges.
✔ All Clear! That’s what in control feels like.

Q: My card issuer already warns me to fraud. Why do I need an app also?
A: Banks and card issuers catch less than half of credit card fraud - the rest is up to us! If you find a bad charge on your bills, you'll get your money back, but you need to find it first. That's where we come in.
Try BillGuard. If you're like most people, you'll immediately find charges you weren't aware of!

Q: How does BillGuard keep you secure?
A: BillGuard establishes a read-only, secure connection to scan your transaction history.
1) Bank-level security to ensure your data is kept private and secure.
2) No one - not even you - can move money with BillGuard.
3) Passcode so that only you can open the app.

Have feedback or an idea for a feature?
We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us with any questions or feedback. We're always listening at and @BillGuard on Twitter. Also on G+ at

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