D&D Dice by b.freq

D&D Dice by b.freq

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When the dice are rolled you hear them on the wood. The results are sketched on your choice of paper. A dice log keeps and displays any rolls you perform down to the individual dice roll with bonuses, totals and a time stamp. D&D Dice by b.freq allows you to always have your dice with you without losing the feeling of rolling the real thing! All standard dice from the d20 system are supported, d3-d100. You can save any weapons, spells, saves,etc as you build custom rolls of any dice combination. These custom rollers can then be exported to your sdcard, imported and even edited on your computer!

D&D Dice by b.freq was created by and for players and masters to aid in heroic quests.

Enjoy and roll like a Master!

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The Pro version and demo let you save and load dice from you SD card.

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