Mystique Ch2: The Child

Mystique Ch2: The Child

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Mystique Ch2: The Child Reviews

  • Pablo Haro

    Pablo Haro

    Reviewed in Point and click adventures

    Mystique. Chapter 2: The Child. You were waiting for it…You were asking for it…Now it’s unleashed!!! Prepare for the horror!!! The epic story continues…You managed to escape from the first chapter, but will it help you to escape now??? We really doubt it!!! Are you brave enough to play? Bendroid does it again with the second rendition of their horror 3D Android puzzle game. This version starts where the prior version left off… after you used clues to escape the dreaded bathroom… you find yourself stuck in an locked abandoned hospital. Again you must find clues to help you free yourself for the eery hospital. Amidst this, suspenseful appearances of monsters and the unearthed child appears and vanishes. The game features a lot more locations, clues and combinations of using the clues to free yourself. Even better is the ability to save your game play session as to resume upon restart. Fun Factor & Addictive: The game is not your average “play and throw away” game, often times spanning several playing sessions to figure out the puzzle. (BTW, I’ve never figured this one out completely so if you have a guide, share it below) Graphics: Comparable to that of just below Play Station 1, still impressive for what we have to remember is essentially a cellular phone. ;-) Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound: The Android Game features eery background music and sound effects. You use a combination of touchscreen (directional) swipes and trackball (forward/backward motion) to navigate the room.


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You asked for it and waited it's unleashed!

Are you brave enough to play?

* 14 locations
* over 50 animations
* dozens of items
* new characters

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