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By PC Magazine selected as one of "The 10 Tastiest Apps for Ice Cream Sandwich" *** Not Compatible with Jelly Bean ***

Based on the stock ICS browser, this browser adds some handy extra functions:

* Auto text reflow after pinch to zoom
* Option to create extra quick controls (with easy to use quick controls editor. Add up to 3 rings, with extra controls like bookmark page, close other tabs, share etc etc)
* Possibility to set the User Agent string
* Fine tune quick controls behavior
* Option to use volume keys for scrolling
* Home button on action bar for tablets
* Gesture support.
More and more functions will be added along the way.

(There's also a donate version in the market to support this project. This donate version is the same as this version. In the end the donation version will become the "pro" counterpart of this version with many more features.)

Suggestions and feedback is very much appreciated. Please use the following forum link for this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1423588

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