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By the creators of Pick a contact and set or create a unique vibration pattern – it's that easy!

You can now create your own personalized ViBe patterns through the custom ViBe feature - just draw something on the screen!. ViBe notifications also work with SMS & MMS text messages. You'll feel who's texting you without having to look down at your phone! Compatible with Handcent, GO SMS Pro. We're looking into making ViBe compatible with Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter notifications.

Create a special ViBe for your mom on Mother's Day!

Got more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions:
Feel who’s calling and texting you. “Vibe” is like Caller ID but with Vibration Patterns.

Instructions are just a few words:
1. Choose a Contact
2. Set / create a vibration pulse for that contact
3. Done!

Whether you’re in an office meeting, class, at a bar or on a movie date, there’s no need to pull out your phone anymore to see who’s calling because you’ll feel it. If ringtones can be customized to help you recognize a contact, why not let your phone’s vibrations indicate who’s on the other end of the line? Now you can tell your friends what ViBe you've set them as.

Users can select from 12 distinct ViBes or unlock the custom ViBe feature to create your own and assign them to contacts. ViBe allows the user to know who is calling without looking at the phone, a feature that has merit in numerous situations (professional, private, social).
Android Widget: Toggle ViBe on or off for calls and texts or to enter silent mode.

*ViBe can be used as an accessibility tool for disabled individuals, most notably the deaf and blind. We're passionate about deaf advocacy.

Go ahead! Feel the heartbeat pulse and then create your own personalized tracks. The ViBe creation tracker screen follows your touch pressure and range sensitive taps. Track it on your own and monitor the different touch beats by tapping to make a pulse.

ViBe is compatible with your Facebook and Android contacts.
+ CNET on ViBe – “..we don't quite know what to do when we have to mute our phones in meetings or theaters. Fortunately, the freemium app Vibe steps in to help us find our way..”
+ Android RunDown on ViBe - “It's one of those apps that you probably aren't missing in your life until you hear about it.”
+ Telegraph UK on ViBe - 'Not every app should be complicated. Vibe is an example of a brilliantly simple idea, elegantly executed.'
+ Android Police on ViBe – “Overall, the idea behind ViBe is genius, and I think Base2Apps' implementation of the features is brilliant. It's easy, functional, and practical.”
+ Our close friends on ViBe - 'There are no words to describe this utility app. Just download ViBe and try it for yourself! Love the heart beat pulse! ViBe raises the bar for free apps. Instantly create and test different beats. It is a simple free vibration utility with a game feel. Test which ViBe fits your contacts. I set my girlfriend as the heart beat pulse and my parents as the basketball feeling bounce.'

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