Republic Wi-Fi+

Republic Wi-Fi+

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    Sep 11, 2013


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The Republic Wi-Fi+ app is for republic wireless Defy customers only (Single and Dual Band). The app provides Devicescape functionality to improve your access to open hotspots. We have also added more rigorous checking of your Wi-Fi connection to determine whether or not your connection can support a Wi-Fi call. To give you more information on your republic account, we are providing 2 widgets:

- The connection widget gives you more feedback on your connection explaining when calls are going over Wi-Fi or cellular. To get more information, just tap the republic arc and the information message will be displayed.

- The usage widget gives you your offload percentage compared to the rest of the republic users.

Additionally, we would love for you to rate your call to give us more direct feedback: Every 5th call, after the call, we are going to show a pop-up asking how your call was with a simple thumbs up or down.

NOTE: Wi-Fi+ must be installed on internal storage and will use 4 MB or less. The Wi-Fi hotspot database can grow and fluctuate over time and will use external storage, if available.