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  • Harsha gp

    Harsha gp

    Reviewed in Anything Good Looking

    What I like about this is that it backs up the app before it updates!

  • المفضلي


    Reviewed in اندرويديات

    مجموعة من الأدوات المفيدة في مجال التطبيقات وظيفته سرد التطبيقات الموجودة بالهاتف وامكانية عمل نسخة إحتياطية لها وامكانية عمل التطبيق ك ملف تثبيت لارساله لجهاز آخر والحذف والكثير من العمليات.. دعم للعربية في تطبيق مفيد.


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AppWererabbit is a set of tools developed to help you manage apps and apk files on your smartphone and tablet. Tools:
★ App Backup & Restore
- Backup/Restore apps to/from SD card
- Backup Play Store link for protected apps
- batch backup
- batch restore
- Auto backup on install
- multiple version backup with version management
- Quick uninstalling
- User definable backup folder location

★ App List Backup
- App list backup for easy restore on new device
- Support multiple list

★ App2SD (Move apps to SD)
- Identify and facilitate the moving of apps that support App2SD

★ App Cache Cleaner
- 1-Tap Cleaner
- Schedule cleaning
- Auto cleaning on low storage space

★ App Sharer
- Share interesting apps you discovered with your friends
- Send apk files to cloud storage like Dropbox, etc...
- Search app from Play Store

★ Apk Installer
- Search the device's storage for .apk files for install

★ Apk Renamer
- Search the device's storage for .apk files for rename
- Custom APK name format
- batch rename

★ Other Features
- Filter apps by System, User, Frozen, etc...
- Sort apps by install-date, name, size, cache size, etc...
- Selectable display language
- No Ads
- No Analytics

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