Ball Patrol 3D

Ball Patrol 3D

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    Aug 7, 2014

Ball Patrol 3D Reviews

  • Jānis Emulis

    Jānis Emulis

    Reviewed in Games you probably don't know (paid and free)

    Pretty awesome tilt game were the main task is to defuse bombs through multiple levels. Collect coins along the way to upgrade powerups. Ball patrol has great physics and some cleverly designed levels. Some minor bugs but nothing game breaking. Google leaderboards would be a nice addition


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Balance the ball, solve 3D puzzles, defuse BOMBS, discover an explosive world of robots, turrets mazes and secret areas! Explore action-packed levels and get ready for action! "As a humble animated sphere, it’s up to players to roll their way through a multitude of dangerous levels filled with cannons, spikes, and all sorts of nasty anti-orb weaponry (...) adding in new ideas to keep the gameplay fresh." on Jan 31st, 2014

"A great tilt maze game! I was really surprised how such an easy concept can be enriched with so many new ideas. Kudos to the authors, this game is worth installing!"
--Martin Varga on Jan 16th, 2014

★ Fight angry robots getting in your way!
★ Cool gadgets: ● Force ● EMP ● Stealth ● Bomb Shield!
★ Activate lasers, push switches, detonate dynamite!
★ Beware hazards, magnetic bombs, steam turrets!
★ Minigames: ● Catch fish ● Shatter glass into pieces!
★ Balance Ball Patrol Drone on glass and wood platforms!
(tilt device, teeter style balance game)
★ Highly realistic 3D physics engine!
★ Join the Bomb Squad and help defuse BOMBS
★ Scoreloop online scores and achievements!
★ User profiles!
★ Featuring hip-hop beats by The Passion HiFi (

☆ I'm doing my best to keep up with updates & new levels on this indie game. Please rate and Share if you enjoy it!

Ball Patrol balance drone serves the Bomb Squad teeter department. Gadgets:
✓ Force Field repels objects, clears the wood platforms.
✓ EMP causes zombie behavior to enemy units.
✓ Stealth renders Ball Patrol invisible to robots, turrets, lasers.
✓ Bomb Shield attenuates magnetic bomb explosions.

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