Auto-Response SMS

Auto-Response SMS

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    May 1, 2014


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The Auto-Response SMS [The ARS App] will help you to send auto-reply to your missed calls, when you can't answer the phone.
- You can set auto-response from five default reply.
- You can set 9 [nine] different reply to 9 [nine] different numbers.
- You can set reply to all unknown numbers missed calls.
- If you missed the call from any number from your contact, this application will send auto-reply to that particular number from default reply which you have selected.
- If you missed a call from your close/important person, this application will send different auto-reply to that particular person, but only that reply which you have choose or wrote for that particular person.
- you can select different reply to different person from your default templates too.
- Or you can write your own reply to your close/important person
- You can write reply on your own for every single unknown number missed calls.
- You can see the recent sent history
- You can choose the service type from which your response should go, if you have selected the carrier service, the reply will go through carrier service, if you have selected the internet service, the reply will go through internet service, but in condition of sending reply through internet service, the next person also should have the same application to receive the reply.
- If you call your close/important person and that person has the same application and he/she has set service type to send reply from internet, you will receive the reply from the internet and it will go directly to the ARS application, you will see it in Inbox of ARS Application.
- If you want to suggest/change any response in ARS app, your suggestion is highly recommended.
- You can connect with us on facebook and twitter too: Please let us know your issues by email, Facebook, twitter or on Google play, because that's the only way we can improve our service..!