Atooma - Smart Assistant

Atooma - Smart Assistant

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    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Atooma functions like the lovechild of Tasker and IFTTT. Set automated actions based on location, motion, cloud, and sms, among a myriad of other options. There's even a section of featured rules for inspiration. I haven't explored all its possibilities, but so far it's been promising.

  • Jorge Sánchez Uríen

    Jorge Sánchez Uríen

    Reviewed in Top Free Automation Apps

    PROS: - Lots of actions/conditions built-in - Completely free

  • Armando Mártires

    Armando Mártires

    Reviewed in Lifehacking tools

    Automate your Android.


Atooma will transform your smartphone in a magical personal assistant!
Thanks to Atooma -smart actions- you can automate all the manual operations you usually perform with your phone, sparing your precious time and creating new unprecedented functionalities.
Productivity, Wifi, Mobile Data, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, now you will be in control of your Android device.

IF something happens DO something else. This is the essence of a smart action. For example: IF I arrive at home turn on the Wifi, if I exit turn off the Wifi. Save on Dropbox every new picture I take with the phone’s camera. If battery life is low then turn off Bluetooth, lower display brightness and send an SMS to alert your dears.
In Atooma you will find pre-made smart actions based on different contexts, or you can create them from scratch choosing what you need step by step.
Set up to 5 IF conditions and 5 DO actions: you can choose between sensors, apps, mobile functions and connected objects like your smartwatch.


. Make It Simple
You don’t need to be a geek in order to use Atooma!
You may prefer using existing rules chosen by the Team or creating new ones following detailed instructions: Atooma will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

. Context Aware
Atooma can manage up to 5 IF conditions and 5 DO actions per smart action: thanks to this, your smartphone will react with the right interaction in the right timing.

. Ecosystem
We are always at work to add new functions to Atooma: new external app integrated, new connected devices, new sensors. And if you are an android developer, check our Plugin SDK:

Do you have a request? Write to us at
Are you a developer? Check and find out how to develop new IF/DO modules with our open-source SDK

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