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    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Atooma functions like the lovechild of Tasker and IFTTT. Set automated actions based on location, motion, cloud, and sms, among a myriad of other options. There's even a section of featured rules for inspiration. I haven't explored all its possibilities, but so far it's been promising.

  • Jorge Sánchez Uríen

    Jorge Sánchez Uríen

    Reviewed in Top Free Automation Apps

    PROS: - Lots of actions/conditions built-in - Completely free


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Create your Atooma to get any kind of task automagically performed on your smartphone.
If you have any problem ♥ Best App 2013 MPA ♥
♥ Review by Google Drive Team ♥

Atooma automates your Android! 

- Whether you want your inbox Sms or e-mail automatically read while driving
- Or prevent your phone from ringing or log onto a network when battery is about to die
- What if your phone be so smart as to save in Dropbox your holiday's pictures

No matter what need to be done, from wifi to facebook posts, gps to Gmail and photo – there is Atooma to automate it all.


- You can set up conditional events (IF) that automatically trigger simple actions (DO), based on things like time of day, location, your favorite apps, email, battery levels, movement sensors and much more.
- You can share your Atooma within the Wall and download Atooma from other users, for free!

- Manage your Atooma inside the App

◆ Conditions available (IF)
√ Google Calendar Events
√ Weather: tomorrow's forecast, temperature
√ Box: file added/deleted, directory added/deleted, storage space level
√ Tag NFC: only for NFC enabled devices
√ Standby: ON/OFF
√ Instagram: New Photo/New Like
√ Shake: horizontal or vertical movement
√ Ambient Light sensor: light/dark
√ Headphone: plugged/unplugged
√ WIFI: ON/OFF/COnnected/Disconnected
√ Dropbox: file added/deleted, directory added/deleted, storage space level
√ Drive: file added/deleted, directory added/deleted, storage space level, file modified
√ Activity Manager: any app installed/uninstalled
√ SMS Received (Optional Filters: Sender, Text)
√ Gmail Received (Optional Filters: Senders, Object, Text)
√ New Gmail attachments received
√ New Facebook update from you
√ New Facebook update from friend (Filters: Text)
√ Facebook friend's Brithday (Specific Date or Some Days Before)
√ New tweet (From you, form following, from specific friend -> Filters: Mention, Hashtag, Text
√ Twitter Message Received (Filters: Sender, Text)
√ New favorite tweet from you
√ New reply received (Filter: Sender, Text)
√ New photo from Camera

√ New video from Camera
√ Specific Speed (from GPS)
√ GPS (On/Off)
√ Location
√ Wifi On/Off/Connected/Disconnected

√ Bluetooth On/Off/Device Found)
√ Internet connection [Any kind of, wether wifi or 3G] On/Off
√ Battery level
√ Silent Mode On/Off
√ Time (Countdown, Specific Time)
√ Time (Time range) --> only together with another IF

√ Airplane Mode On/Off

√ Data Network On/Off (3G Data)
√ Call (Signal Strenght, Ringing, In call, Idle)

◆ Actions available (DO)
√ NEW! Tethering module added
√ NEW! Audio Manager module added
√ NEW! Auto Rotate module added
√ Add events to Google Calendar
√ Box: add/delete file, add/delete directory, share file
√ Dropbox: add/delete file, add/delete directory
√ Drive: add/delete file, add/delete directory, share file
√ Activity Manager: launch an application
√ Send SMS

√ Update Facebook Status
√ Upload a picture on Facebook
√ Post on Facebook friend's wall
√ Post a Link on Facebook
√ Post a tweet
√ Do retweet (only if trigger is Twitter)
√ Add tweet to favourite (only if trigger is Twitter)
√ Reply to a tweet (only if trigger is Twitter)
√ Launch Google Maps

√ Navigate Maps to a specific address
√ Send Gmail
√ Send Attachments via Gmail
√ Set Silent Mode on/off
√ Set display brightness
√ Set Wifi on/off

√ Set Bluetooth (On, Off)

√ Set a notification toast/status bar
√ Activate Text-To-Speech
√ Set ringer volume

√ Make a call

√ Set voice volume during a call
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Automate your Android with triggers and actions in the simplest way! Mobile Automation at your fingertips!

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