Saga — Automatic Lifelogging

Saga — Automatic Lifelogging

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  • Mai


    Reviewed in Life logger!

    An automatic logger like Friday, only it's not in beta! I admit though that I can't use it because it's not available in my country (/kicks) but the screenshots looks gorgeous, and I'm really weak when it comes to pretty looking apps.


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Saga is the easy way to keep track of where you go and what you do, and share the true story of your life with friends, family, and followers. HOW DOES SAGA WORK?

Saga uses the sensors on your phone to determine your current location, then stores that location and the duration of your visit, creating a rich lifelog of your activities.


After install, Saga will do the rest and automatically start lifelogging your story. Visit your Me screen to set up your social sharing permissions.

You can enrich your lifelog with photos, personalized notes, videos, and data from your other favorite services (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Runkeeper, BodyMedia, Withings, Fitbit, Tripit, and Foursquare).


Lifelogging is the best way to understand where to start when you want to live better. As you lifelog, Saga will surface trends data and visuals infographs to help you learn more yourself, and get more out of life.

* Track your time in transit, at work, and everywhere you go, and see how you stack up against other users
* Understand your how you spend your time and where you go with personal lifelog analytics
* Optimize your life by having a better understanding of how you spend your time


Unlike other location tracking apps, Saga will not drain your battery. Typical users are getting about 24 hours of battery life while running Saga.
Saga pinpoints your location from a database of millions of established places.
Social sharing allows you to share the true story of your life, and peruse lifelogs of interesting people.

Add data from social media, fitness tracking, and travel apps, to enrich your lifelog.
Add notes and photos to help your record all of your adventures.
Know thyself better with personal Saga’s personal analytics.
Saga will assign you traits based on trends over time, helping you understand how you spend your time, and how you compare to peers.
Curate and share your favorite places with family and friends.


We take your privacy very seriously. Saga adheres to a strict privacy policy, audited by TRUSTe annually. It's posted on the Web for everyone to see:

In short, Saga will never ever sell, rent, or give away the personal data we collect on your behalf. Really. We use the data we collect to make sure that your lifelog is as accurate as it can be -- and that your battery lasts as long as possible. That's it.

If you choose to permanently delete your data from the app, we'll delete your data from every place we've stored it. If you choose to turn on our social sharing service, nothing will be shared until you tell us what can be shared and who can see it. You will always have the option to decide what information you want to share with others if we introduce new data sharing options.

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