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SwatchMatic Reviews

  • Art Beaker

    Art Beaker

    Reviewed in Interactive fun

    Point your camera at something and get a colour palette from what it sees. One very nice feature is that it gives you the names of all the colours it sees in real time. I now know that colour of my lamp is "Shiraz" and the paint on the wall behind it is "Gunsmoke"

  • Elle


    Reviewed in Smart Apps

    Vedi un colore che ti piace? Fotografalo e ricavalo con quest'app! Did you see a color you like? Find it out with this app!

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Nov 30th 2013

    syosyosyo: Free/paid. Using AR, find out colors and color palettes being used etc. Great for designer-types but also interesting for us casuals.

  • Mcwurth


    Reviewed in Anti-top-apps.

    You want to know how they call the names of the colors in your painting, car, school building or any other color? This is the app you need! Just activate the app point your camera and the app tells you the name of any color!


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Satisfy your inner designer.
People all around the world, including editors at Tested, c|net, and MakeUseOf, love SwatchMatic, and you will too. It's a free, fun, new way to capture, combine and share the colors you need for your website, startup logo, or kitchen makeover.
See a color you like, grab it. Whenever. Wherever.
Your Android's lens becomes a Terminator eye that can tell you the name of any color you point at.

Harmonize effortlessly.
In realtime, SwatchMatic shows you colors that nicely match the one you're sampling. There's no need to take a photo and wait for the result.

Find analogs, complements, or triads, even the dominant colors in the scene. Once you're happy with the combo, just touch to save it as a palette. Your swatch book is always with you.

Are you a tweaker? Tweak colors all you like. Right on your Android.
Easy sliders let you subtly edit the individual colors in the palette. You don't have to stick to the color "rules," but you can if you want to. You decide.

Dress robots in your colors and share them with the world.
Palettes shouldn't be the bland things you see in paint stores. They should be fun. They should feature robots. Share images of lovable robots wearing your colors, alongside all the values needed to recreate them anywhere.

Shoot colors straight into Photoshop and Illustrator (in the pro version).
SwatchMaticPRO let's you export your palettes as Adobe Swatch Exchange files direct to most Adobe applications. It takes just seconds get your colors into an Adobe swatch pane.

Robots are fun, swatch files too, but sometimes plain text will do.
Export out all your color names and values (in RGB, HSV, HEX, and even RAL Classic notation) as plain text for reuse anywhere — in other applications, at the paint store, the printing bureau, wherever.

The reviews are in . . .

" . . . Really fun to use. SwatchMatic will give your color palette a name and uses a funky robot to show it off. . . . If you’re doing any sort of remodeling or decorating, get this app now."
Jamie & Adam's Tested (AKA the "Mythbusters guys")

"Matching the colors on larger items you can't tote into stores or around town can sometimes be difficult — especially when it's something like your walls or furnishings. If you love color matching and coordination, then SwatchMatic is the app for you."

"Ever spotted a colour that you want to preserve for some project or another? The app has multiple uses, whether you’re a designer or perhaps just looking for a colour to paint your kitchen. Additionally, it’s great to use and features a very cool UI . . ."
Android Tapp

"Cooler than Kuler!
A SwatchMatic fan

☆ Augmented reality style UI lets you build color palettes in real time, on top of whatever you're viewing through your Android.
☆ Fun names are instantly assigned to your colors and palettes in English, Spanish, French, Polish, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese or Chinese.
☆ New retro-future style robots! Free to try. (Original robots are still included and free to use. Change between styles via preferences.)
☆ Instant sharing of colors as text or images to Facebook, Twitter, or any social media app you have installed on your Android.
☆ Fast export to Adobe applications (In the pro version only. Read how it works here: ).

☆ Works with Android versions 2.2 and above.

☆ Detailed preferences to make your palettes look beautiful on any Android.

☆ And robots! Did we mention the robots?

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