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One of the most popular, free Android smart phone and tablet benchmarking app in the world!
☆ Over 100,000,000 users
☆ No.1 benchmarking app for technology addicts, bloggers, and enthusiasts.
AnTuTu Benchmark is free benchmarking app that helps users know deeper into their Android devices through hard numbers and solid facts.

Benchmark Matrix:
User Experience (UX) - Gives each user a direct impression on smart device performance with detailed scores.
CPU Tests - Lets each individual user know how powerful of a CPU they have, with detailed score points and true hard-numbers.
RAM Tests - Reflects the real processing ability the RAM of your Android smart phones has to offer.
GPU Tests - Helps users know the real graphics processing performance, critical for all 3D effects, games, and video playback.
I/O Tests – Gives users a direct score that reflects on the factual input/output (I/O) performance your system permits.

Besides the professional and wildly popular benchmarking matrix, users can compare their own device with other popular devices that may also have powerful hardware performance.

Help your friends find out the best smart device they want using Antutu Benchmark!
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