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AntTek Quick Settings Pro

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AntTek Quick Settings is a decent app to quickly alter device settings, launch apps, quick calls. XDA forum: "Plenty of setting apps, but this one takes the idea to a whole new level"

** To remove red bar, you should exit app by press back key **

This app brings Jelly Bean Quick Setting to Android 2.1+ with plenty of customization (don't need ROOT!!). It's more than regular quick settings. You can customize to add different things to quick setting panel, including (over 75 built-in actions)

☆ Toggle settings: WiFi, mobile data, bluetooth, wake lock, rotation, flight mode, WiFi- & USB-Tethering, GPS, etc
☆ Sound / Vibration, Sound / Silent, Sound menu
☆ Brightness mode / menu / 3 predefined stages
☆ Quick action: music (previous / next / pause), battery, camera, direct dial, direct message, direct email
☆ Web shortcut, application shortcut, new event, new message
☆ Application launcher (better than sidebar launcher)
☆ For root users: reboot, power off, recovery, wireless ADB, etc.,
☆ Hidden system activities
☆ and more

How to work with: to execute an action, pull quick setting panel down from top/right corner of the screen and tap on an action. Simple and easy! You can long-click to do more (PRO)

Other features
☆ Different themes
☆ Flexible settings (vibration, action size, dynamic action, etc)
☆ Unlimited actions on Quick Setting Panel (PRO)
☆ 100% Holo design
☆ For Jelly Bean 4.2, this app is a complement to add a second configurable quick setting panel

** Compatible with Facebook Home/Facebook Launcher **

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