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Volume Manager Free

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Volume Manager is the answer to all your volume control and audio management needs. This app provides volume control for the ringer, notification, media, alarm, system and in-call volume streams. With individual access to all Android audio streams, this app puts you in control of every sound your phone makes. Don't miss an important call because you silenced your phone for class or a meeting. When you turn your phone to silent mode, Volume Manager will ask to automatically restore your ringer volume. This app also lets you specify which streams should be muted when the device is in silent mode, so your alarms can still make sound in silent mode.

Volume Manager Free allows you to create and apply volume profiles for different situations. Volume Manager Pro allows you to set a schedule to automatically apply the preset profiles.

To access Knowledge base, ask the community or get support, please visit http://www.avg.com/mobile-support.

Keywords: volume, audio, sound, control, settings, manager, management

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