Calculator (CyanogenMod)

Calculator (CyanogenMod)

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    Jul 6, 2014

Calculator (CyanogenMod) Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Plot graphs, solve matrix equations, and perform highly complex calculations on this stock-lookalike, default-in-CyanogenMod calculator. Smart is the new sexy, and this calculator is one sexy beast.

  • Arrioch


    Reviewed in Hidden Gems

    Great improvement over stock calculator (comes preloaded with CM).

  • Abhimanyu Agrawal

    Abhimanyu Agrawal

    Reviewed in Open Source Android Apps

  • Philippe Fontaine

    Philippe Fontaine

    Reviewed in What's on my Android phone

    Much like the AOSP calculator, but with more features like graphs and matrices.

  • Simon John

    Simon John

    Reviewed in Best Apps of 2013

    Best Calculator

  • Luuk Vd Ven

    Luuk Vd Ven

    Reviewed in Stock Android

    Even though this is a small application, this particular calculator imported directly from cyanogenmod. This is a simple but advanced calculator in one.

  • PSarge


    Reviewed in Productivity

    I've never seen a calculator app capable of doing so much and yet being so small. Might as well take all the other calculator apps off google play now.

  • Sanchit Singh Rathee

    Sanchit Singh Rathee

    Reviewed in Must have apps: Innovative & Intelligent

    A perfect calculator . no complex interface. Just swipe to change the keypad and get scientific equation,matrix solving,graphs etc. Ditch your stock calculator right now.!


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Calculator extends the 4 function calculator. It's simple and uncluttered, but gives you access to advanced functions with a swipe. Graphing, matrices, base conversion, and more are at your finger tips, and only when you need them. Calculator also has a widget, a floating calculator, and 7 (and counting) alternative themes. It also runs on Google Glass.

Calculator was started in June 2012, by Will (myself) and Sean, as developer and designer respectfully. Over 4 months, we added basic support for matrices, graphing, and history, and in October 2012, Calculator became officially included within CyanogenMod (and most custom ROMs soon thereafter). In January 2013, Nick joined the endeavor, redesigning the graph page, hex page, and has, more recently, created all of the available themes. In September 2013, Rudy joined for a short time and greatly improved the matrix logic, adding support for functions, order of operations, and more. And, of course, the vast language support has all been thanks to users. The calculator has been, since its start, open source, and is always looking for more helping hands.

Because the app is intended as a full replacement, it's recommended that you disable your default calculator. Go into Settings, Apps, and you will be able to disable it where you would normally find Uninstall (Requires Android 4.1+).

The source code can be downloaded here: