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    للوصول السريع للبرامج حيث يمنحك 6 أعمدة بالوان مختلفه تظهر في طرف الشاشه الأيمن او الأيسر حسب اعداداتك يحتوي كل عمود على البرامج التي قمت بإختيارها مسبقاً وترغب الوصول اليها بشكل سريع


This app is a launcher app that makes your smartphone more convenient. Open designated apps and shortcuts with a single flip.

You can assign four apps & shortcuts to each flipper on this app—24 apps & shortcuts in all.

Web browsing, email, games, SNS—any app or shortcut can be opened instantly once it's registered with this app. No more trudging back to the home screen or shuffling through your app list.

Each flipper's standby position can be switched from right to left. The color and transparency can be adjusted as well.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact the developers.