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  • Sameer Kumar

    Sameer Kumar

    Reviewed in Kool apps

    Keep family trees on the cloud; view and edit them with this pretty-looking app with a nice green tinge.


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Build, update, and show off your family tree with the app. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this user-friendly app makes finding and learning more about your heritage fun and easy. This updated app for Android lets you interact with your family trees or build a new family tree from scratch. You can add or edit family members and even upload photos. While visiting a relative, an ancestral home, or a cemetery, take a picture and add it to your tree instantly.

Growing your family tree is easy too. When finds historical records that might match ancestors in your tree, you'll see green leaves or "hints". With a few quick taps you can add the new information to your tree. Not a subscriber? In App Purchase options puts billions of historical records at your fingertips.

- Add and view records, photos and events for each person in your tree
- Hints to help you make new discoveries
- List of everyone in your tree with hints
- View high-resolution images of historical documents
- See family members at a glance with Family or Pedigree tree views
- Relationship calculator to see how you're related to people in your tree
- Privacy settings
- Integrated user feedback and support

About Location Permissions:
Location data is only used as a convenience when entering details about a fact or photo. For example, if you are at the site of an ancestor's home or gravesite, this feature allows you to easily add the location details.

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